Zamweddingguide is Zambia’s premier online wedding guide, exclusively dedicated to providing you with information regarding all wedding related services so you get the best information to help plan for that big day.

Why Zamweddingguide?

  • The website provides the easiest way to find wedding suppliers
  • Easier way to find up-to-date wedding guides and information
  • Site has wedding planning tools and essential checklists for brides to be.
  • Zamweddingguide is passionate about Zambia’s rich cultural and marriage customs, which include traditional and modern-day marriage practices.


Ubwiinga website

Zamweddingguide originally started out as Ubwiinga.co.uk, Zambia’s first and original wedding directory. It was first started in 2007 by 3 family friends, Eva Kasapatu, Cecilia K. Milambo and Mutinta S. Milambo. The idea of launching the wedding directory came up in 2005 when planning for Mutinta’s wedding. At that time, it was very difficult to find wedding suppliers and that’s the reason why the ladies decided to launch the wedding directory.

After coming up with several names, a Zambian name was chosen as the name for the website which was “Ubwinga” meaning marriage. However, an error occurred during registration and the name was registered as Ubwiinga.

The directory went online for the first time early 2007. The ladies were very cooperative and managed the website together for few years but Cecilia and Mutinta decided to leave later.

Eva was very passionate about weddings and this is the main reason why she continued managing the site on her own. She in fact went ahead and pursued a Course in Events and Wedding Management. After years of experience, she founded Zamweddingguide.com with an aim of creating guides and tips that will help future brides and bridegrooms in order to ensure happiness and unforgettable moments during that special and wonderful day.


You are welcome to browse our site with an aim of finding guides and proven tips that will help you prepare for unforgettable wedding and if you have any questions please use our contact form or you can get in touch with us via Email: info@zamweddingguide.com


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