Best Wedding Themes to Consider in a Savannah Climate in Africa.

Every wedding has its own flavor. So if you are planning for a wedding based on savannah climate in Africa you must have a through and detailed idea about savannah and its climate. Savannah is a very common feature in Africa. It is a wide and flat area covered by grasslands and small trees. Climate is generally dry and wet in the region with extreme heat and temperature in the summer time. Choosing a wedding theme completely depends on the couple who is going to get married. It is completely a subjective thing and may vary from person to person depending on their taste and preference. But while choosing a theme it is important to choose it in such a way that it matches with the savannah climate in Africa. You may choose your wedding theme based on the greeneries and vegetation of savannah or may plan it based on the wild animals found in the region. Whatever theme you may choose you must keep in mind that you will have to make proper arrangements and make available all the amenities for your guests so that they do not face any difficulty. Let’s go through and find out some of the best wedding themes to consider in a savannah climate in Africa.

Best Wedding Themes in a Savannah Climate in Africa:-

Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic wedding is one of the perfect themes for savannah climate in Africa. It has the perfect combination of vintage culture and natural beauty of Africa. Rustic wedding is more focused on the natural aspects which include lush greeneries and wildlife rather than an artificial and luxurious setting. A lot of planning is required to make it successful so that you have excellent memories about your wedding to cherish about.
Make your invitation card in such a way that it depicts a touch of nature the moment someone looks at it. You can have animal print patters on them or add some flowers to give the guests an idea of the location and theme of the wedding. As Rustic wedding is based on nature it is best to organize it in outdoors which has a touch of Mother Nature. If you plan to arrange your wedding indoors make sure that the decorations are made in such a way that it has a natural touch in each and every aspect. You may opt for floral altars or hanging flowers which makes the entire environment feel close to nature. The tables and chairs should have a traditional feel and antique appearance. You can even decorate the furniture with floral patterns and white colored covers to make it look more elegant and traditional.
The bride should have an oversized but light colored flower bouquet in her hands which should make her look different from others. She should were a wedding gown based on ethnic African style and must have her hair decorated with flowers of same color matching with the groom. As far the wedding cake is concerned it should be kept really simple matching with the traditional African culture. The ideal rustic style wedding cake should be white in color and decorated with red berries and flowers to bring out the real passion in it.

Multicolored Wedding Theme

You always want your wedding to be different from others and want to make it a completely new experience for everyone. If it is so then multicolored wedding theme is definitely something worth trying. Surprise everyone and make your wedding stand apart with this multicolored wedding theme.
Multicolored wedding is a very new and fashionable wedding theme and is just like a fresh thing for everyone. The entire wedding venue is decorated with perfect combination of different colors. It makes it look so beautiful and fresh that it gives a strong positive vibe to everyone present there on your special day. Your guests will be mesmerized with an aesthetic and tradition feel as they experience the different ceremonies of wedding in different new and fresh vibrant colors. You can make the entire surrounding look lively by decorating it with multiple colors like aqua blue, bright orange, green and vermilion red as per your preference. You can even experiment a bit and decorate the wedding venue in single shades matching with the ceremony. You can then choose flowers and attire of the bride and groom matching with the colors of the venue.

African Safari Theme

An African Safari theme wedding is something worth considering for a Savannah climate. Decorate your wedding venue based on the wild animals that you see in an African Safari so that when your guests arrive they feel as if they are doing a real life amazing African safari. Keep artificial animal statues at different strategic location of your venue and try to use animal skin colored table and chair covers. It should give an impression that everyone is in the middle of a jungle on their safari.
Put different artificial animal masks on the walls of the venue and play some wildlife music to make the surrounding look more realistic. Keep the theme color based on yellow just as the savannah in Africa. Plates, cups and different utensils should be based on the traditional African culture. The bride and the groom should wear their wedding attires based on the colors of different animal skins. The entire surroundings and atmosphere should give a feel that an African Safari is in progress.
Thus to conclude we can say that Africa is a land of variety and there are different wedding themes to consider in a Savannah climate in Africa. Whatever theme you might choose make sure all the arrangements are done in such a manner so that it fulfills the purpose for which it is made. There is nothing known as best. It completely depends on the taste and preference of the bride and the groom who are arranging the wedding. Make sure whatever preparations you do for your marriage, do it from your heart and you will be appreciated by all.