But first it’s all about planning. And every bride is looking for unique ideas and special ways to make her wedding more meaningful. I’m sure like most of us you have an idea of what kind of wedding you want, but it’s all about fitting your vision to your wedding budget. A well-drawn plan will ensure that your big day goes with any hitches or just a minimum of minor issues that won’t affect your day

Whether you are planning a Traditional or Western styled wedding, a wedding checklist is the perfect way to organise and manage your wedding planning.

These checklists will help ensure you don’t forget any vital points on your big day. Don’t forget to include your own personal questions or points. Our site has provided you with a guide to help make your special day be the one you will always remember.

Wedding venue checklist

  • Is this the right venue for your budget.
  • What does the venue look like in terms of its decorative style? Will it fit your colour scheme or theme and is it clean, tidy and in good decorative order.
  • Is the venue within easy reach of your ceremony venue.
  • Are you able to have a marquee at the venue.
  • Can you have a late bar.
  • Are you available on my chosen date.
  • Do your charges include vat and services.
  • Do they provide overnight accommodation and discounts on room rates.
  • Is catering provided or can you provide your own.
  • What are the set up or cleaning fees associated with additional services
  • Do they have any photos of past events that have been held at the venue and can they provide you with references.
  • What is the cancellation policy.

Wedding caterer checklist

  • Is the price within your allocated budget.
  • Do they cater for people with special dietary needs.
  • Do they specialise in African cuisine, should you decide on a traditional Zambian wedding.
  • Do they supply waiting staff, linen, cutlery and crockery.
  • Will they provide the drinks or can you bring your own and if so is there a corkage fee per bottle.
  • What style of food do they offer? Do they have a set menu or can they provide a meu to suit your needs. Is there a change for menu tasting.
  • Are they able to accommodate your number of guests and how much notice of the final figure do they require.
  • Are taxes and service charges included in the quoted price
  • Do they provide a cake stand.
  • Will yours be the only wedding they are catering for the day.
  • Do they provide any special touches such as chocolate fountains or do you have to provide/supply the equipment yourself.
  • Does the quoted price include any clean up or set up costs.
  • Be sure to sign a contract which shows what either parties expect from each other.

Wedding photography checklist.

  • After you set your budget, decide on the style of photos you prefer and ask around for recommendations or check suppliers listed on Zamweddingguide.com.
  • Always ask to see examples of their work.
  • Do they specialise in formal, posed photography or a more relaxed style.
  • Can they do a mixture of colour and black and white pictures so you are able to capture the shades of flowers, outfits, decorations etc.
  • What photo packages do they offer.
  • Do the shoot on film or digitally.
  • What is their fee structure and who owns the copyright of the pictures.
  • What is their dress code
  • What requirements will they need on the wedding day itself.

Wedding cake checklist.

  • First thing is decide on the style of the cake and set your budget as usual.

Get recommendations from friends or family. Check out suppliers on zamweddingguide, wedding publications or on-line suppliers. Always ask to see examples of any work they have done

  • What kind of cakes do they specialise in.
  • Can they cater for guests with special dietary requirements.
  • Is it possible to have different flavoured tiers and can you choose a selection of different cake fillings
  • Do they deliver and set up the cake at the venue. What is their charge.
  • Will you require a groom cake as well.
  • When do you pay and how?

Florist checklist.

  • Are you available on my chosen date.
  • Ask to see any examples of their work and can they provide you with any references of couples they have done work for.
  • Will they personally do your flowers or is it someone else from their team.
  • Ask what kind of flowers will be available when you are getting married
  • Given your budget, what type of centre-pieces, flowers, bouquets etc. would they recommend.
  • Can they provide a good selection of candelabra, napkins , vases etc.
  • Any other extra costs beyond all the required items
  • How long will they need to set up

Church minister checklist

  • Do they allow photography/video inside the church and during the service.
  • O they provide an organist, choir etc.
  • Is confetti allowed to be thrown. if not what is allowed.
  • Do they provide counselling? If yes find out the best time to meet for counselling and rehearsals.

Wedding planner’s checklist.

  • Experience Level.
  • How long have they been in business for?
  • How much they charge for the service.
  • What is their work schedule on your wedding day?
  • If you are having a wedding committee, would they be happy to work alongside one?
  • How many weddings are done in one day.
  • Can they provide references.
  • Do they get commission from suppliers? If so can they get a discount on your behalf.
  • Record keeping system.
  • Dress attire for the wedding planner.
  • Contract and refund policies.

Traditional wedding checklist.

  • Bride’s dress or traditional outfit, accessories, shoes and makeup and hair costs.
  • Groom’s suit or traditional outfit, shoes and grooming costs.
  • Venue hire or having the reception hosted at a family home.
  • Professional caterer or self-catering.
  • Refreshments
  • Venue decorations or self- decorations
  • Professional photographer or family friend to take pictures.
  • Master of ceremony
  • Traditional pre-wedding parties.
  • Registrar fees / marriage certificate.
  • Blood tests.
  • Wedding committee (Zambian style).


  • Cake
  • Venue decorations
  • Honeymoon / going away outfits.
  • Car hire
  • Invitation cards.
  • Wedding planner
  • Wedding committee.
  • First night hotel.
  • Wedding insurance.
  • Engagement party

Western style wedding checklist.

  • Bridal wedding dress/outfit, accessories, shoes, makeup and hair style costs.
  • Groom’s outfit, accessories, shoes and grooming costs
  • Best men ‘s outfits, shoes and grooming costs.
  • Bride’s maids outfits, shoes, accessories, makeup and hair costs.
  • Mother of the bride/Groom outfits.
  • Matron’s outfit, accessories, shoes, makeup and hair costs.
  • Reception costs.
  • Venue decorations/menu
  • Photographer/videography
  • Wedding cake.
  • Car hire
  • Wedding rings.
  • Invitation cards
  • Music
  • Wedding planner and or wedding committee. (Zambian style )
  • Honeymoon
  • Engagement party.
  • Hen/ stag night parties.
  • Attendants gifts.
  • Registrar or church fees / marriage certificate.
  • Rehearsal dinner.
  • Table favours / decorations
  • Traditional pre-wedding parties.
  • Blood tests.






Zamweddingguide wedding countdown.

Now that your engagement has been confirmed it is time to get things rolling. The to-do tasks leading towards your wedding date can be a lot and one or two things might be left out. In order to ease your stress we have come up with a wedding countdown to your big day! Thus giving you a week by week checklist of important tasks that need to be done in order to make your big day go without a hitch and making it enjoyable as well as very memorable.


 Decide upon your wedding date.
 Decide on your budget and ensure it’s realistic and can be met without having to stretch your pockets too far. Ensure all persons contributing are present or made aware.
 Talk to a Wedding Consultant or Wedding Planner.
 If you are getting married in a Church or Register Office, you need to make prior arrangements with your local Minister or Registrar.
 Start looking for your wedding dress. Decide whether you want a designer, handmade or “off the peg”.
 Book your honeymoon and apply for a new passport. (Though this will mean you the bride to be will need to be prepared for no overseas travelling as your old passport will be invalid).
 Decide on the size of wedding you would like and make a guest list.
 Book the wedding reception venue.
 Order your wedding cake.
 Notify your bank, Building Society and relevant authorities that you intend on changing your name and as of what date it will take effect.
 Choose your wedding rings.
 Attend initial fitting for your wedding dress.
 Decide on the dress code for the groom, bridesmaid, best man, mothers, fathers and ushers.
 Choose the wedding footwear and accessories.
 Book an overnight stay in a hotel for your wedding night.
 Book a Toastmaster or Guest of Honour if you intend on having one.
 Order the wedding invitations, other stationary and wedding favours.
 Take out wedding insurance, it is really important.
 Discuss with your hairdresser or barber about the hairstyle you want for your wedding. Bride to be ensure you take along with you a photograph of your wedding attire and veil so that she or he is able to visualise how she can work on your in order to compliment your style.
 Book a Beautician for your wedding day, if needed.
 Confirm all bookings in writing.


 Book the musician, band or DJ for your wedding reception.
 Book the wedding transport.
 Book the videographer or photographer.
 Decide on your bridesmaids, best man and ushers.
 Decide on what kind of idea or theme and colours you want for your wedding reception and catering plan.
 Book the caterers.
 Book the florist.
 Purchase your Marriage License from the Registrar.
 Send out Wedding invitations.
 Advise your guests to book any overnight accommodation now while there is still availability.
 Confirm your ceremony details with the Minister or Registrar depending on where you are getting married from.
 Buy gifts for your bridesmaid, best man, and ushers.
 Decide on your chosen wedding music or hymns.
 Arrange for the “ORDER OF SERVICE” sheets to be printed.
 Draw up a wedding gift list, if required.
 Discuss the seating plans with the Caterer.
 Start planning your Diva & Spartan Night.
 If you have a will, have it updated to ensure it remains active after your wedding.


 Arrange to have any vaccinations done, if required.
 Arrange for a final fitting of your wedding dress.
 Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the reception venue.
 Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the caterer.
 Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the florist.
 Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the photographer and videographer
 Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the company supplying the wedding transport.
 Reconfirm the honeymoon arrangements and ensure insurance in included.
 Reconfirm all your entertainment
 Groom, Best man, Fathers or Guest of Honour write your speech and save it for the big day.
 Have your Spartan and Diva Night (Hen & Stag night)
 Have wedding rehearsals.
 Pick up your wedding rings.
 Organise a date when you can collect your wedding party outfit.
 Finalise the seating arrangements with your caterer.
 Send out thank you cards to all guests who have responded to your invitations and call any guests that have not yet responded as it’s important to get the exact number of guests attending so as to be able to make any last minute adjustments.


 Double check all bookings made.
 Pack for your honeymoon and order travellers’ cheques or foreign currency.
 Organise a bride Survival Kit with a close friend or relation, especially for the Bride, equipped with a wedding dress repair kit, make-up and accessory back-up kit in readiness for any hiccups. IT’S BETTER TO BE PREPARED THAN SORRY.
 Ensure your Best Man is aware of all the particulars involved in your wedding day: i.e.: A list of all the services, in case they need to be contacted.
 Give the rings to the best man.
 Give your “ORDER OF SERVICE” to the Minister.
 Have a final wedding ceremony rehearsal and go over the wedding day timetable with the attendants.
 Appoint Attendants to take care of the days schedule and any problems that may arise so that you may enjoy your day.
 Arrange to have your cake delivered or collected in readiness for the big day.
 Two days prior to your wedding day, check the venue to ensure everything has been arranged accordingly.


 It’s your day off.
 Now it’s the duty of the Attendants to check that the wedding reception venue is as it should be and all other arrangements are ready to go for tomorrow.
 Bride and Groom to be, have a manicure.
 Groom to be a visit to the barber is in order. Get that scruffy hair tidied up and while you are at it, consider a proper shave too. You have to look dapper.
 Spend the rest of the day relaxing, you could visit a spa and get all the pampering you deserve after all that hard work.
 Make it a must to get an early night.. Beauty sleep is important before a beautiful long day.


 You have done all you can and now have fun.
 Relax and stay calm, remember if you look stressed it’ll be very evident on your wedding picture. So ensure you don’t let anything get in the way of you enjoying yourself.
 The day will pass by so quick so ensure you take time to capture every special moment as that’s what will account for keepsakes that you take with you on your special day.