Points to consider when choosing a matron for a Zambian wedding.


A matron is the main coordinator at a Zambian wedding. She can also be indirectly referred to as a wedding planner as her main duties involve making sure that the whole ceremony goes on smoothly without any flaws. So great consideration should be taken when selecting the matron considering the responsibilities she carries. When choosing a matron, one should consider the following points to mind:

A Zambian matron standing with a bridal couple

Her relationship to the bride.

The Matron to be considered must have a good relationship with the bride and her family for the wedding to be a success since in the olden days, her job was mainly to teach and prepare the bride for marriage and the job has since expanded to help in running the entire wedding. Nowadays the role of the matron has been commercialised by some being hired for the job.

Her Martial Status.

The matron must be married and must have the reputation of conducting herself well (especially if she has been hired) and should have a reputation of coming from a decent and respectable home.

Her Financial Status.

Zambian weddings tend to have a wedding committee (this consisting of people chosen to help in organising the wedding) and the matron holds a role of someone who helps from sourcing wedding vendors to making sure things run smoothly on the big day. This includes helping with cash contributions should the need arise bearing in mind that she is coordinating the whole event.

General outlook / body structure.

Ideally a matron should be chosen based on her character more than her General outlook but due to the nature of the task and the many duties she must oversee, she must be energetic, well-groomed and up to date with current fashion trends, be able to get along with the bridal party, parents and wedding vendors and Be UpToDate with social media and so on.

Always consider someone who is willing to be part of the event.

Weather the matron is a close family friend or someone who has been hired its important to still remember that the person involved must be willing and happy to take on the role. She must make sure she knows all what’s involved so that everyone depending on her enjoys the proceedings as they go on and most importantly, that the bride enjoys the most important day of her life.