This section sets out to provide useful information to Zambians in the diaspora and non-Zambians on what they need to know about getting married in Zambia. We have also provided links to websites that provide more information.

Zambian Marriage Laws.

There are 3 types of marriages in Zambia namely : Common law marriages, marriage under the marriage act and customary/traditional marriages. the following are the laws that govern all three types:

  • One of the couple should at least be resident in Zambia for fifteen days.
  • Public notice of twenty-one days should be given to the Registrar of the district and will be kept there for Three months.
  • Marriage certificate will be issued after fee payment. check with the local civic centre for current fees.
  • The couple should be over the age of twenty-one years for marriage. If under that age, they need to show proof of Consent.
  • Neither of the couple should already be married by African customary law.
  • Marriage can only take place at the district’s civic centres and places of public worship. please check with your local civic centre for other venues issued with marriage licence.
  • The only people allowed to marry others are : Licensed ministers, Registrar of marriages and Registrar General of marriages.
  • If marriage doesn’t take place in three months, the notice will be void.
  • Marriage hours are between six am to six pm according to the Zambian marriage laws.
  • Church registry hours are between eight am to six pm.

Marriage Certificates/ Registration.

For current information on recent fees and registration, please visit



Zambian laws.

  • The possession or use of narcotics, including soft drugs e.g. marijuana is strictly prohibited. Drug taking and smuggling are offences resulting in severe punishment which includes imprisonment.
  • The possession of pornographic material is illegal in Zambia and offenders may be jailed and / or deported.
  • Homosexuality is still illegal in Zambia and anyone caught engaging in homosexual acts can be sentenced to long terms of imprisonment.
  • It’s an offence to drive after drinking alcohol and to use a mobile phone whilst driving.
  • The Zambian authorities do not always inform the British high commission when British nationals have been arrested. If you are detained, you may insist on your right to contact a British consular officer.

You should avoid taking pictures of sites deemed sensitive by the Zambian government. These include:

  • Power stations.
  • Explosive factories.
  • Pumping stations.
  • Army barracks
  • Government buildings.
  • Road junctions and rail bridges.
  • The Ndola oil refinery.
  • Mining areas.

If in doubt, don’t take any pictures.

  • It’s considered rude to take pictures of people without asking them first.

Further information:

Visa requirements.

  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • One duly completed visa form.
  • Letter of invitation and immigration status from your host in Zambia or letter from inviting organisation / company in Zambia.
  • Photo copy of flight details / itinerary
  • Visa fee (non-refundable)
  • Application forwarded through the post should have pre-paid registered self-addressed envelope.

Further information:

Best time to visit or wed in Zambia.

The best months for weddings in Zambia are April and September as these are also the best time to have outdoor weddings. The weather during this time is neither too hot or cold. December to march are best for indoor weddings due to the wet weather.

If you are planning a safari honeymoon in Zambia, the best times to visit are

  • Dry season- (Sept to Nov) this is best for bird watching or visiting the Victoria falls up closely when there is less water in the falls.
  • Wet season- (Dec to April) this is the best time to go on safari.

Further tourist information:


Zambia currently has no national airline and there are currently no direct flights to Zambia. Below are airlines that currently fly to Lusaka, the capital city only:

  • Emirates Flights
  • Ethiopian Airlines flights
  • South African Airlines
  • Kenya Airways flights
  • TAAG Angola Airlines flights.
  • KLM/ with Kenya Airlines

The best months to get low priced air tickets are January, April, Mid -month Sept to November.

Bureau de change.

Lusaka international airport and most of the banks in Lusaka have a bureau de change. Most of the capital’s large shopping malls have one.