Ways a Zambian Bride can Surprise Her Groom on the Big Day.


In Zambia a wedding is considered as a man’s responsibility and any way that the bride gets involved is seen as a good gesture. Grooms go through a lot of pressure and stress trying to put things together especially with the economic situation in the country, as such there’s wide room for any bride to surprise the groom on the big day. This is bound to keep the groom smiling and looking forward for more to come as they start their life together coz there rare instances where Zambian brides have surprised their grooms on the big day even in a smaller way. Depending on one’s budget, here are some ways a bride can spring a wonderful surprise for the Groom.


In Zambia good lodges are expensive and pose a great challenge for a middle-class groom to afford one with expenses they incur in the entire wedding preparations, as such they end up arranging for poor accommodation so long, they get to spend some nights away from home just to reduce on expenses. While it’s a groom’s responsibility to look for accommodation and they don’t even expect the bride to do anything concerning booking the first night accommodation. Now! Imagine the groom is thinking about where to go for honeymoon with little money remaining and worrying how the bride will feel, then the bride just comes and says “honey! we are going to such a place and I already paid for everything including decor”.( This may not be easy for some men to accept but we hope he secretly loves it anyway.) Most Men are bound to be amazed coz Zambian brides are not usually concerned much about that and doing that is a headline on its own.

African bride and groom on their honeymoon.


Having gone through pressure of wedding arrangements and all, most Grooms would love to hear good and supportive words of how well they have done to help create a wonderful day. The bride can surprise him with a special song telling him he is superman, how she loves him and respects him, calling him” my king” with good sound & Melody which is bound to reduce some grooms to tears. If the bride can’t sing, she can invite someone who can do that on her behalf to surprise her new Husband with a special song dedicated specially to him only.


This is one aspect that a groom longs for, but they don’t get it. A ZAMBIAN GROOM is hungry for love making on that day and they want foods that can give them energy. If its early in the morning they can just receive a healthy meal from the bride which includes foods that are filling and provide energy as well. This indicates to the groom that the bride too is eager for their union & they can’t wait. When it comes to this don’t even think about how this type of food can upset the stomach, just present that surprise to him. A Zambian groom will tell that story to friends repeatedly.

example of a surprise meal a bride can serve her Groom.


This is the priority for majority of Zambian grooms. They buy these months before the wedding day, particularly a suit. Imagine trying to economise things, that they may purchase a suit that’s not very good at all. Imagine during dress up, The groom just happens to receives a package for a well fitted suit exactly his size imported from abroad while his suit was bought locally, with a note saying “Honey I hope you will like what l got as I didn’t want to let you know I ordered it long time ago” The groom will be there not believing that’s happening to him because Zambian grooms know that Zambian brides needs a lot of things for the wedding in order to look good and they are just concerned with themselves and how they will look beautiful for the groom not how the groom will look good for her. This is an amazing surprise and I was told one bride did it and the entire family of the groom were amazed.

tailored men suit for a wedding


I know this may sounds hard to believe but  most Zambian grooms are so bad when it comes to buying such things like pants and socks. They may be traveling for a 3 days honeymoon with just a single pair of underpants and single pair of socks. Just imagine the bride surprising the groom with a pair of underwear, the groom will be just like “wow! did you think about that?” It will make them happy that the bride had taken some time to remember something like this which was not a priority but is still necessary for the Groom.

Men’s socks



When it comes to Zambian grooms, they can go on cerebrating, so they have their good friends around them. The bride can just invite the groom’s close friends for just a surprise party, where maybe the groom just thinks they are going to rest after a long day, surprisingly , they just find the place decorated, surrounded with friends and love songs, and the first question would be whose Idea was this even before hugging friends. Zambian grooms love parties and having a good time with friends when it comes to their big day because during the actual wedding, they are surrounded by both family members and sometimes they are not free to completely relax in front of elderly relatives in cerebrations, But if the bride can do this for him, A Zambian groom will write this in his history book.

An example of an after- wedding party setting surprise for the Groom .


This in its self is a very grand gesture considering that the price of motor vehicles in Zambia are very pricy. This would have to be planned months before in advance but if possible its one gift that will melt the heart of any Groom leaving him shocked and speechless as to how you pulled it off without him knowing but leaving him very pleased with the car surprise.

Car wedding gift for the Groom from the Bride.